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Classic Beauty Bianca

There are girls that can wear classic make-up looking so attractive; after one glance they own your full attention. Of course beauty is a matter of perception: Large eyes and natural lips are sure symbols of attractiveness.

Bianca is a classic beauty with a sensually shaped body and modern style. Her face is soft and beautifully balanced, with a minimalist look that’s nude, sheer, natural.

All the while her pose adds just that extra little touch of sexiness. Pin-up Girl Bianca appears with that Fresh Natural Look. Appearing as if she was not wearing any make-up at all. (click to enlarge)

Classic Beauty Bianca Lana was rendered using LR’s Bianca for V4 by Liquid Rust and Basicwear for V4 Unimesh on the bikini. The scene was setup using Reality 1.25 for DAZ Studio with Reality Softbox lighting.

3D Models Used