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“We are Stephanie!” The versatile, elegant, multifaceted cousin to Victoria 4 has finally arrived! This new Stephanie comes with a host of morphs and presets that can be leveraged to create almost any figure imaginable. Built using the same Unimesh as Victoria 4, she can take advantage of many of the products that are also based on Victoria 4 like morphs, poses, and textures. The investment you’ve made in V4, Aiko 4, V4 Elite, and the Girl 4 pays big dividends with Stephanie 4 Elite.

The Stephanie 4 Elite Base product contains an amazing number of Elite level full and partial body morphs, nine head morphs, 18 poses, five body presets, and body shape Puppeteer presets. Act now and add this versatile beauty to your runtime today!

In addition, items made for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, V4 Elite, the Girl 4, or Stephanie 4 can be made to fit each other with minimal adjustments by DAZ 3D and our Published Artists, which means Stephanie 4 will have a sizable wardrobe right from the start. That is the strength of DAZ 3D’s Unimesh.

Stephanie 4 Elite Base

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